jnl+ is a Greek advertising company that has been providing upgraded communication services for the last 75 years.


Our motto is ROI X ROI Creative Fighters. ROI X ROI means Return on Investment By Reason of Ideas. It means that we believe in the power of ideas that bring commercial results to our clients. It means that we build a solid communication strategy that will ensure the longevity of a brand’s value. We need to be Creative Fighters with sharp minds, cutting edge technologies,  targeted strategy, in order to maximize the communication investment of our clients.

Company Overview

jnl+ was established in 1941 by a woman, Fota Leoussis. Since then it has been a pioneer of new technologies and communication solutions and it has worked for over 200 Greek and International brands, over 50 campaigns of social interest and numerous political campaigns. Today after three generations it remains one of the most successful companies in Greece.

JNL+ is fully intergrated across all different communications media.

Our services include: Design Services like graphic design, packaging, web design and 3D design, Branding, Online Communication and Social Media campaigns, PR, Event Management, Media Management and Production.

As part of the J.N.Leoussis group, JNL+ can offer 360 communication solutions for all possible marketing needs.

The group includes:

3Dreams which specializes in CG, VFX, interactive applications through the use of innovative technologies such as AR, RFID, NFC, Mocap, tracking etc.

Avakon+ that focuses on Social Media campaigns and online marketing.

We are proud to have worked with international and Greek clients from almost all possible industries like telecommunications, airlines, banking, automotives, shipping, insurance companies, food companies, educational institutions, utilities, retail services, cosmetics, clothing, hotels, national services and many more.