Nicos Leoussis
Nicos is working in Advertising for over 50 years now. All, in jnl+! He is the definition of 360 advertising as he has worked in the creative, media, consumer research and client services. He has experience in countless retail and banking products, as much as in political and public interest advertising. He has served as the Secretary and President of ΕΔΕΕ, the Greek Advertising Association, for 9 and 4 years respectively. He has also been a member of the Board of Directors of SEV, the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises and is a member of the Board of Directors of the German Hellenic Chamber for more than 3 decades. His book “Winning in business and politics-the Strategic Delta” is a new, insighful approach on philosophy and praxis in modern decision-making. He has studied Philosophy and speaks English, French and German.
Alexander Kininis

Alexander began his travels around the world at age 2 at the side of his father, a Captain of the Merchant Navy. Fueled by his experiences, his ever-growing understanding of world markets and his degrees in Economics and Service Management, he set out to conquer the world of Sales & Marketing, providing his services to the IT and Consumer Electronics Industry for more than 15 years before joining JNL+. He spends his days balancing between the company’s internal processes and external opportunities and if he can’t find a way to bridge the two… he makes one! The habit of being on the move hasn’t left him as he puts into practice the words of Saint Augustine, “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

Angelika Leoussis
Our main strategic thinker and managing director, Angelika transformed an experienced, hard selling ad agency into a fresh voice for the new generation. Charged with the smooth running of operations, one might expect her to abstain from the more creative side of things, something that could not be farther from the truth. She maintains oversight over every single project, putting her own personal touch on them and she still finds the time to pitch her own ideas and keep up with every new development in the industry.
Kostantinos Chaidalis
Constantinos is an award winning multidisciplinary designer, specializing in graphic design, illustration and motion graphics. He has been working as a motion/broadcast designer and as a creative director for various production houses, agencies etc. He gets his hands dirty on motion graphics, compositing, color correction, cg, 3d animation and all kinds of creative work. Constantinos is passionate about music, movies, video games and photography. He hates tangerines and loves his cat.
Christos Georgolios
When Christos was immersed in the world of video games at age of 7 he wasn’t aware that his career was setting out… Starting off as a passionate gamer, Christos is now a video game programmer with a Master's degree in Computer Game Engineering from Newcastle University. Interactivity is the driving force behind everything he does; he designs innovative interactive experiences and enjoys stretching the line between the real and the virtual world. He loves working on mobile applications that enrich media with interactivity and is always eager to solve problems and make projects smoothly roll.
Danai Daska
Danai studied Philosophy in The University of Athens. And as if that wasn’t impractical enough she went on to do a Master’s in English Literature and Creative Writing at The University of Edinburgh.  She has worked as a copywriter, a journalist, a creative writing tutor, a literary scout and a translator. Her job at JNL+ sometimes consists of making water come alive and talk, writing madinades about ice cream and installing swings in bus stations.
Dimitra Stefanopoulou
If you had contacted our agency before, you may remember her! Her super cute, kind voice hides the (maybe) most dynamic employee of jnl+, that started as an Intern to evolve to the person that knows literally everything, from where the stapler is to important client’s details. Her passion about Advertising and her persistence soon made her our Digital Account Manager, being able to handle a variety of 360 projects for many of our clients. She pretends to be annoyed when her colleagues take videos of her dancing and singing in the office, but we all know that deep down she enjoys it!
Christos Dimolikas
If you haven’t checked our amazing videos already, you have to do so! Christos is our incredible in-house director, the guy with a lot of hair and even more creative ideas! His projects combine perfectly his artistic view with his marketing background and reflect his valuable 10 years’ experience. He is also the co-founder of “Imagine The City”, the project that makes Athens more beautiful and the video curator of Athens Biennale Agora. Easy-going, cool and always happy, you can spoil him with good food and tickets to the biggest music festivals!
George Baklessis
George is just your average, everyday drone piloting, scarf wearing, guerilla working, sharpshooting, tattooing, armor crafting, troubleshooting, deadline racing, slow mo walking behind explosions… vfx guy! Ever since he saw the original Star Wars, he has been in love with visual effects, animation and the movie and video game world. A world-builder with almost a decade of studies to back his visions up, he is never at rest, always injecting the same passion into client work as in his personal creations.
Irene Ziva
Performance Marketing is all about numbers and Irene knows it well! Digital lover and tech savvy, she had executed many successful campaigns in many industries, both in the Greek market and abroad. When she is not preparing our clients’ reports or optimizing their digital campaigns, she keeps being informed about the latest trends in digital marketing. She looks calm, but she never is, until she reaches the (always high) targets of the month. Her biggest advantage: She always shares her chocolate!
Liana Gavala
Magazines, TV, Events, Press Releases, PR… You name it and she does it! With an experience of over 25 years, Liana knows Media better than anyone. She understands the needs of every client and she has a magical way to make even the most chaotic project come to life! Christmas lover and the greatest fan of Paros, she enjoys every interaction with people around her! Her communication skills are more than apparent, however cooking is what Liana is famous for… No wonder why the Clients Service team calls her “Mom Liana”!
Markos Markakis
If you are lucky enough to become one of his clients you will soon figure out that this is not an ordinary Account Manager, as Markos has the unique ability to build special bonds with people. When he doesn’t chat with his clients (friends) on the phone, he spends his day making fun of his colleagues and capturing their weirdest moments. Fortunately, he didn’t follow a career in Psychology, as he had initially planned, as the Music Management Industry earned him! Either speaking about Depeche Mode or Lana Del Ray, Markos had worked with them to organize the biggest events. However, Advertising proved to be his greatest passion and he now leads one of the most challenging projects that keeps winning several awards, not only in the Greek market, but also abroad!
Michael Paredrakos
Michael Paredrakos is a leading communication strategist and the Managing Director of Avakon+, our award-winning digital agency. Michael has substantial experience of more than 12 years with local and international brands and advertising agencies. His blog with 19 million views today is one of the most influential blogs in the global communication, strategy and advertising industry.
Tina Kontogiannopoulou
Setting out from Economics, Tina first interpreted the world through numbers and curves. These soon gave way to pictures and words, as she started publishing her outlook on life in travel magazines. Travel journalism led her to Advertising, where the interplay of pictures and words gave her new, exciting ways of expression. In the past 12 years she has worked for many award-winning campaigns in traditional and digital media.
Dionisia Vagianou

With a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the Vakalo School, studies in painting and 14 years in advertising under her belt, Dionysia never stops striving to improve her art. Her engine of invention never stops working, as can be seen by the always fresh artwork on the Frulite web page.

In her personal time she does painting exhibitions, goes swimming and watches lots and lots of movies! (many with her sister Popi, presumably)

Vicky Efthimiou

Art director, inspiration and all-around company “surrogate mother”, Vicky has been a staple of the JNL+ creative bullpen since the debut of CMYK. Her consistently high quality output coupled with a knack for creating strong, inventive imagery is the reason why.

Vicky was “Born to Draw”, which is why she eschewed traditional studies in favor of her art. “True graphical artists should be illiterate”, she proclaims with a good-natured chuckle. Tasked with choosing a favorite work from a sea of packages and branding art, she would go with the latest ΔΩΔΩΝΗ cartons for fresh and chocolate milk.

Lately she’s been filling her time with collage workshops and taking part in group shows.

Vivian Gerogianni
Vivian lives for “moments”. Give her a picture or a scene and she will instantly see the defining detail, the defining moment to give it life and character. She sees significance in the insignificant and beauty in the ordinary. And she loves making others see it as well. The camera is her second nature and the studio her kingdom, so when she is shooting or editing, nothing else matters.
Efi Strigli
Efi got her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Athens Economic University. She started working at jnl+ in 1990 and finally – after millions of additions and multiplications and a rather high degree of farsightedness - became chief accountant of the group. Even though she’s usually “buried” under piles of papers and numbers at work, creativity in the office air has entered her blood stream; in her free time she loves making handicrafts and decorating houses.
Eleftheria Sklivaki
Crazy about keeping everything well organized, not a fan of the numbers yet ended up to "serve" them. A multitask person that gathers up various functions beyond those of Accounting. Always at the forefront, she has been working successfully for the company during the last 12 years. In addition, she possesses a restless artistic spirit, likes to learn new things and deals with anything creative and travel like.
Pausanias Ioannidis
Everything is ephemeral.
Popi Vagianou
I used to love CMYK but then RGB came along. Go with the flow.
Evi Kouroupi
Evi is our beloved Web Operations Manager. She loves everything about websites, from the beautiful interfaces to the amazing world of coding. The world of social media belongs to her and she is the "http" girl you want to work with. Her experience in one of the biggest technological firms in Greece, and her day-to-day collaboration with Silicon Valley companies, will ensure the best result for your needs. Full of fresh ideas and always ready to listen to yours, she's here to help you create something beautiful and efficient. She loves her work, the sea, polka dots and she's here for you and your web ideas.
Roxani Piperi
Roxani is an explorer by nature. Born in Athens, she got her degree in Marketing & Advertising from the University of Crete. She quickly made her way into the advertising industry gathering experience working for major brands and exploring the paths of ATL. Constantly thirsty for new adventures, she soon discovered her passion for Digital Advertising and became a 360 account manager. With her positive and "can do" attitude, she is loved by clients and co-workers.
Eleni Tsoutsi
Eleni is a digital account executive, passionate about using social media to communicate with the world! Her cheerful personality and her adventurous mindset is always on the lookout for new trends and unique ideas. She has a Master's degree in International Relations but fashion is her secret passion. She has her own fashion blog where shares her inspirations and all the small things that make her life unique! If her life had a soundtrack, Lena Platonos would be the ideal artist to compose it.
Fotis Veletzas
Fotis studied German Literature and Film Directing. He tried writing a paragraph about himself but realized that he couldn't write anything autobiographical. Therefore he is quoting "The Smiths": "I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, but heaven knows I'm miserable now. I was looking for a job and then I found a job and heaven knows I'm miserable now".
Alexandros Konofagos
Alex was fascinated with computers and buttons since he opened his eyes as a baby. He sees himself as a code monkey after his studies in Computer Science at York University. But he didn't stop learning. He studied Physics and Philosophy at Roosevelt Academy, part of Utrecht University. He is always eager to lose himself in magical worlds and complicated codings. His goal is to conquer the internet world and the gaming industry. So if you are lucky enough to meet him, be sure to ask for his'll regret it if you don't!